Supplier Profile:Creata

Creata began in 1973 as one woman’s attempt to work from home so she could be with her small children. Over four decades, it has evolved into a multinational business that collaborates with some of the world’s biggest brands. And Kellogg has been a partner from the earliest days.

What does Creata do, exactly? They use the power of play to create positive connections between people and brands via strategy, promotions, products, packaging and more. Creata’s leaders like to call their product work with Kellogg “fun in the box.” Creata develops the premiums, or small toys and games, that children love to find inside their packages of cereal and snacks. The company also conducts market research to provide insight to consumer tastes and buying trends.

Sue Rosenhein (Creata's President) & Norma Rosenhain (Creata's Founder & CEO)Norma Rosenhain, Creata’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, works from Hong Kong. Her daughter, Sue, is Creata’s President, based in Chicago. Together, they head up 17 offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. As a woman-owned business, they are Kellogg’s largest certified diverse supplier for promotional product items and have won numerous supplier awards from the company.

Norma Rosenhain never imagined Creata would be where it is today. Her first business venture was iron-on transfers — decals that could be ironed onto clothing. Kellogg’s Australia division was her second client, coming on board just months after she started. When her contact at Kellogg transferred to the company’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, he recommended Creata provide premiums for the U.S. market, too.

Over the years, Creata has designed and produced a wide range of toys and games, including 140 million handpainted 3-D Disney figurines in 1990 that improved cereal sales. More recently, Creata supplied a series of popular spoons with figurines from Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. that sold out quickly.

Five years ago, Creata marked its billionth toy supplied to Kellogg. Current promotions include premiums for Pop-Tarts® in the U.S., Pringles® in Europe, and several varieties of cereal in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Kellogg has guided us and connected us to other women-owned businesses and supported us as we went through the WEConnect certification process.

Sue Rosenhain said being a woman-owned business wasn’t much of a factor back when her mother first started the company. But in recent years, it has proven advantageous. Kellogg’s Supplier Diversity office has encouraged Creata to pursue certifications that recognize the firm’s female ownership. Today, Creata is Kellogg’s only international diverse supplier certified through the organization WEConnect International.

“Kellogg has guided us and connected us to other women-owned businesses and supported us as we went through the WEConnect certification process,” Sue said.

Norma said Kellogg has been an amazing company to work with over four-plus decades. “I would really like to thank Kellogg as a company because they have been a wonderful partner. We’ve had a huge amount of fun — not just fun in the box, but fun working together. They’ve treated us as partners, and I am incredibly grateful for that relationship.”

Creata Figurines – Star Wars Lightsaber spoon, Disney Pixar's Monsters, Inc. / Frozen Spoons