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iHola! (Kellogg Latino Employee Resource Group) logo¡HOLA! Helps with Recruitment, Raises Awareness

Members of ¡HOLA!, our Latino Employee Resource Group, undertook several initiatives in 2015 — among them, working to help boost the retention and recruitment of Latino employees at Kellogg.

“Our goal is to have the Kellogg leadership, workforce and talent base reflective of Latino diversity and population. Kellogg has an opportunity to do better in terms of Latino representation, especially at the leadership levels,” said Christopher R., Associate Director, Multicultural Marketing. “And we know the company is fully capable of getting where it needs to go. So, ¡HOLA! has sought positive ways to help be part of the solution.”

¡HOLA!  Spanish LessonsAs an example, ¡HOLA! has engaged with HispanicPro, a Chicago-based networking organization. “By participating in their events, we’re making good connections, meeting potential new hires and getting access to talent that we might otherwise not have,” said Christopher.

Also in 2015, ¡HOLA! celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month and hosted Spanish-language workshops, which enable participants to practice speaking the language. Three sessions were held in 2015, with about 25 employees taking part in each. The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration took place in September 2015 over a lunch hour at our Battle Creek, Michigan, headquarters. The event featured food from a local Mexican restaurant, games and a photobooth. Nearly 500 Kellogg employees attended.

All of these activities provide ¡HOLA! members with avenues for professional development and networking. “¡HOLA! presents so many opportunities for me to interact with people in different business units,” said Liz R., Senior Consumer Specialist. “Also, our leadership team feels like a family within this huge business. Since I’m early in my career, I find this really helpful.”

¡HOLA!  Members – Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration