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Kapable People with Disabilities & Supporters logoKapable: Creating an Environment Where Everyone Can Thrive

For both Jessica W., Senior Director of Customer Marketing, and Scott Hamric, Vice President of Shopper Marketing and Customer Activation, involvement with the new Kapable Employee Resource Group is personal.

“My dad worked as an orientation and mobility instructor for the blind,” Jessica explained. “From a very young age, I was inspired by his dedication to helping others. There’s no question that made me empathetic to the challenges others face, and made me want to help where I can.”

The story is similar for Scott. “I’m godfather to a nephew who is autistic. Also, I recently had two fingers amputated due to a rare tumor, which has opened my eyes to the difficulties some face. Kapable enables me to help others with challenges, whatever they may be.”

Kapable Team visits Walgreens distrubution center in ConnecticutLaunched in April 2015, Kapable focuses on making Kellogg an inclusive environment for those who have a disability and supporters of those who are disabled. The group’s motto: “I’mpossible.”

In its first year, the group hosted several events, including outreach and connection to other companies. For example, seven Kapable representatives visited a Walgreens distribution center in Connecticut where more than 40 percent of the employees are differently abled. There they discussed how to handle challenges and resistance related to retaining, recruiting and hiring employees with different abilities.

In early 2016 in Battle Creek, Michigan, Kapable hosted the nonprofit Artists Creating Together (ACT). They set up tables with wood tiles and paint and asked participants to paint what “ability” means to them. Hundreds of Kellogg employees took part, and the tiles have been compiled into a mural that is now on display at Kellogg headquarters.

“The most important goal for Kapable,” said Jessica, “is to create a mindset that truly fosters an environment of possibility and capability. Every one of us can make a difference.”

Kapable – Artists Creating Together (ACT) in Battle Creek, Mich.