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Kellogg Multinational Employee Resource Group (KMERG) logoKMERG Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Having launched in 2006, the Kellogg Multinational Employee Resource Group (KMERG) is celebrating 10 years of “Bringing the World to Kellogg.” Over the past decade, KMERG has worked hard to raise cultural awareness and help those from outside the U.S. feel at home at the Kellogg headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan.

“After I moved here from Europe, KMERG felt like the natural home for me,” said Sheila D., Senior Human Resources Director for Talent. “The group is all about celebrating the diversity of the Kellogg family and promoting inclusiveness.” About 70 nationalities are represented in the group.

KMERG Team in Cary Bakery, North Carolina“Cross-cultural awareness is increasingly important to Kellogg from a business perspective as well,” noted George C., Principal Scientist, Advanced Innovation. “For example, we now have joint ventures in Nigeria and Egypt. It is important for us to know about the cultures, faiths and food habits of other regions as we continue to grow globally.”

Toward that end, KMERG sponsored a lunch-and-learn in July 2015 in which a local imam explained the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and its requirements for fasting during daylight hours. “I really appreciated that talk,” said Monjur H., Senior Product Development Scientist, Advanced Innovation. “I fast for the month of Ramadan, and it’s helpful for people to understand why I cannot participate in food reviews during the daytime. I usually catch up with the team by reviewing after I break my fasting.”

Later in 2015, KMERG sponsored a panel discussion called “Cracking the Bamboo Ceiling,” about the individual, cultural and organizational factors that may impede Asian Americans’ career progress. Four Kellogg leaders of Asian heritage shared their experiences overcoming stereotypes and limitations.

Finally, KMERG’s first chapter outside of Battle Creek was launched in 2015 at the Cary Bakery in North Carolina. The bakery has a very diverse workforce, with almost 50 nationalities represented.

KMERG members during KMERG members during 'Cracking the Bamboo Ceiling' panel discussion