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KVets & Supporters (KVS) logoKVets & Supporters Focuses on Recruitment and Recognition

KVets & Supporters (KVS) has a strong focus on recruiting veterans to join the Kellogg workforce. This is in part because Kellogg Company is working toward internal goals for veteran employment, but also because the Employee Resource Group (ERG) has has strong support from individuals involved in talent acquisition at Kellogg.

KVets & Supporters EventMike S., for example, is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Specialist at Kellogg. And he argues there’s a third and even more important reason for KVets & Supporters’ focus on recruitment: “Veterans just make good employees.”

“Veterans come to us with an understanding of how to think independently, be strategic, work as a team and be accountable,” said Mike. “Some military experience — such as that in logistics — is a direct fit with Kellogg jobs. But even if the exact job is different, the skills and values are transferable. The trick, sometimes, is convincing hiring managers of that.”

Kellogg has hired an increased number of veterans every year since KVS was founded three years ago, and Mike said this is in part due to the ERG’s efforts. KVS representatives have hired several individuals through career fairs at military service academies, for instance.

Of course, KVS isn’t just about recruitment. It’s also about recognizing and appreciating veterans for what they’ve given to their country. In September 2015, KVS sponsored Family Day — a barbecue picnic lunch for more than 300 U.S. Marines and their families, held on the lawn at Kellogg headquarters. The group also sends care packages to Kellogg employees who are currently deployed and holds special celebrations for Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

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