A Message from Our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Features, Kellogg Company’s annual publication highlighting our diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts and accomplishments.

Diversity and inclusion are distinct but equally important concepts. Diversity, of course, refers to the wide variety of characteristics each of us has. Inclusion has to do with the environment we create so everyone can bring their whole selves to work every day and contribute fully to the organization.  

At Kellogg, we are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion. We aim to have a workforce that, at all levels, reflects the vast diversity of our consumer base, and we want every employee to feel they can be real and authentic. We know that both diversity and inclusion are business imperatives: Diversity helps us better understand what our increasingly diverse consumers want and love, and inclusion helps to bolster employee productivity.

In recent years we have strengthened accountability for ensuring that we have a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture. Such accountability begins at the very top of our organization, and I expect leaders across Kellogg to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion so that it permeates our entire operations. It’s essential that we continue to drive progress forward so we set an even higher bar, not only in our own industry but within businesses overall.

We remain steadfast with our focus and have made a number of enhancements that I believe will enable us to reach new heights and build upon the accolades and third-party recognitions we have been honored to receive in the D&I arena.

As of early 2016, for example, our Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDIC), which provides strategic guidance for our company’s D&I initiative, is composed of all function heads. This ensures that consideration of diversity and inclusion filters down into each functional area. And, each of our Kellogg regions is required to have a meaningful D&I plan to further improve representation and inclusion around the globe.

We also have put a strong focus on mentoring, as a way for our executives and managers to build relationships with diverse individuals who are in the pipeline for leadership roles and to ensure their readiness for those positions. Our Executive Cross-Cultural Mentoring Program expanded significantly in 2015, doubling in number of participants. This is just a start, and I expect that we will see strong successes from this program as it continues to evolve.

Our accountability mechanisms are strong, building upon other essential elements of our D&I work such as our outstanding Employee Resource Groups, Diversity Councils, training and development programs, D&I Center of Excellence and Supplier Diversity function. Taken as a whole, we are firmly integrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion into everything we do.

There’s always more to be done, of course – always more progress that can be made. We know we can get better and we know we can set higher goals for ourselves. But we have made great strides. I’m very proud of everyone involved in this work and look forward to the progress to come.


John Bryant
Kellogg Chairman and CEO

John G., John Bryant (Kellogg Chairman & CEO), Cheryl G. – K-Pride & Allies Marriage Equality Event