Acogiendo y Apoyando D&Ien América Latina1

In recent years, Kellogg regions around the globe have taken significant steps to advance diversity and inclusion (D&I) in local markets, in ways that make the most sense for their own businesses. Kellogg Latin America (KLA) is a great case in point.

KLA recently developed a region-specific D&I strategy; leaders and managers have taken our Unconscious Bias training course; and two Employee Resource Groups have expanded into the region — Women of Kellogg in 2014 and K-Pride & Allies in June 2016.

Kellogg Latin America recently developed a region-specific D&I strategy.

“D&I are not really new for us; they are in our DNA and our values,” said Gabriela B., Americas Talent and Change Management Team Lead, who led the first phase of the D&I strategy for the region. “But we’ve gained a broader understanding of what it means. It’s not just race and gender — though those are obviously important. It’s also work styles, leadership styles, and other characteristics of difference that may not immediately be visible.”

Gabriela B, 
Americas Talent and Change Management Team Lead

Gabriela B., Americas Talent and Change Management Team Lead

Gabriela said KLA’s D&I strategy currently has two key workstreams: promoting an inclusive company culture where everyone can participate fully, and developing a more diverse pipeline of talent for leadership roles, particularly in the Supply Chain and Customer Development functions.

The Unconscious Bias training program, which seeks to help participants uncover their own hidden perceptions and provide strategies and tools for recognizing and mitigating bias, was delivered three times in the region in 2015. The KLA leadership team participated first, followed by two groups composed of managers and above. Additional sessions are planned for 2016.

Gabriela participated in one of the sessions and found it eye-opening. “For me, it was interesting to think about how we may unconsciously make decisions based on stereotypes about other people,” she said. “And these are not small decisions; these decisions may affect a person’s whole career! It’s something we have to work on every day.”

Gabriela also emphasized that raising awareness of unconscious bias is essential to the business. “The whole point is to encourage people to bring their whole, authentic selves to work — to unleash their full potential. And that’s good not just for the individual, but for the company.”

  1. 1Translation: Embracing D&I in Latin America

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