Diversity & InclusionChampions

Promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) is important not only for our company but for our society and immediate circle of influence too. To me, D&I is a synonym for values, behaviors, freedom and respect. I’m very engaged with our Employee Resource Group (ERG) strategy, making it a reality in Latin America. At Kellogg, we invest a lot of energy and resources to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. One thing we do well is helping our people understand that D&I brings growth and development to the business and to us as individuals. My vision is that we become a D&I role model for the industry, a company where everyone feels it’s a safe environment, where everyone hears and respects the ideas of others and builds upon them to achieve greater results, a company where we live the D&I benefits as part of the culture we have built over the years.

Jessica D.
Internal Communications Manager, Kellogg Latin America

I once had a boss who said, ‘Diversity is not an organization strategy, it’s a business strategy.’ I never forgot that. Our company must reflect the population it serves, and we will be at our best when we consider diverse points of view when making key decisions. Our country was built by people from many different races, cultures and traditions. It’s what makes America great. I think we have an obligation to continue to foster an environment where everyone can succeed to their fullest potential. I’m honored to be the executive sponsor of ¡HOLA!, our Latino ERG. It’s a fantastic team. I’m just getting started with them, but I’m looking forward to big things from this group

Craig Bahner
President, U.s. Morning Foods

Study after study has proven that companies with more diverse workforces produce better results. This is driven by the fact that a diverse team has varied perspectives that mirror those of the consumer base and can shed light on what motivates consumers to purchase the foods they do. I know that promoting D&I begins with me — with setting an example for others. As the executive sponsor for our Kellogg African-American Resource Group (KAARG), my actions speak louder than my words. I believe that if we are truly aligned to our values and want to create a better environment, we will step up, lean in and create the culture we’re looking for. At Kellogg, we have made tremendous progress in creating a diverse and inclusive environment. The next step is to further that momentum. I’m excited about our future.

Scott Salmon
Senior Vice President, Snacks Sales, and U.s. Chief Customer Officer

Diversity and inclusion are important for Kellogg because, in part, companies with more women in the workforce are known to have better business results. Women bring different perspectives and different skill sets to an organization, which can complement the strengths of men. Also, women represent half the population of this world and must be proportionally represented across every discipline to bring in diverse perspectives. I have had the privilege and honor of being the Women of Kellogg sponsor for the Asia Pacific region for the last year. We commenced work by co-creating a vision for the Asia Pacific D&I agenda: to ‘inspire and enable the women of Kellogg to feel fulfilled.’ For Kellogg India, my overall vision for D&I is to have a truly diverse workforce along all vectors of diversity — mindset, caste, gender, affluence and culture — at all levels of the organization, so that our company is a true reflection of the consumers to whom we market our brands.

Sangeeta Pendurkar
Managing Director, Kellogg India

It’s imperative that we continue to attract and retain diverse talent — throughout all levels of the organization — in order to thrive. We continue to make good progress in gender diversity across the company, and we have one of the most gender-diverse boards in corporate America. At the same time, we need a continued strong emphasis on other aspects of diversity such as race and ethnicity, diversity of thought, different abilities and more. I have the honor of being the executive sponsor of Kapable, our newest Employee Resource Group. Kapable will ensure that Kellogg is a welcoming and inclusive environment for employees with disabilities and their supporters. Overall, I’d like to believe that Kellogg will become the ‘employer of choice’ for attracting top, diverse talent from all corners of the world. By continuing to integrate diverse talents, thoughts, cultures, backgrounds and capabilities, Kellogg will be unstoppable.

Brian Rice
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer & Global Business Services