Raising the Bar toRecruit Great Talent

For Kellogg jobs that require an advanced or specialized degree, professional organizations are a great recruiting tool.

A diverse workforce doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with recruitment — with deliberate and focused efforts to reach the right job candidates. At Kellogg, we use a variety of means to attract and recruit people from many different backgrounds — from campus job fairs and information sessions to engagement with professional organizations.

A New Opportunity

We have engaged in a promising new approach to recruiting African-American students: the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute. The Institute brings together top-performing students from historically black colleges and universities each November for a four-day event consisting of leadership training sessions and a career fair where participants can interact with potential employers.

Carey H, Senior Director, Morning Foods Retail Sales

Carey H.,Senior Director, Morning Foods Retail Sales

In 2015, Kellogg sponsored and attended the event for the second year running — with outstanding results. “We recruited six sales interns and one full-time sales employee through the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute,” said Carey H., Senior Director, Morning Foods Retail Sales. “Our Supply Chain and Information Technology functions participated as well and also hired several talented graduating students.”

2015 SWE Conference, Nashville, Tenn. – Recruiting Event

These hiring results represented a substantial improvement over 2014, when Kellogg attended but did not make any hires. “We learned a lot that first year and better prepared our recruiting strategy for the second year,” said Carey. “For instance, we enhanced our engagement with students prior to the event by leveraging multiple social media outlets, and even interviewed some students prior to arriving at the event. We also were the sole sponsor and host of the opening night ceremony, which was attended by approximately 500 students. This helped to create a buzz about Kellogg as students arrived on the first day.”

Carey said the entire experience was “very rewarding and productive,” and he intends to participate again in 2016.

Diversifying Our Engineering Function

For Kellogg jobs that require an advanced or specialized degree, professional organizations are a great recruiting tool. One organization our employees have been involved with is the Society for Women Engineers (SWE). For example, Maria Fernanda Mejia, President of Kellogg Latin America, spoke at a SWE conference in Nashville, Tennessee, in late 2015.

Craig Rethwill, Vice President of Emerging Markets Research and Development (R&D)

Maggie H., Capital Engineering Director

Maggie H., Capital Engineering Director at Kellogg, has been actively involved with SWE since she graduated from college, and she has represented Kellogg at the organization’s events since she joined the company in 2001.

“Kellogg has worked with SWE since 2005, which has definitely helped us with employee diversity,” Maggie said. “Before, we had fewer women in engineering than the average company of our size, but now our numbers are much closer to the national average. There are plenty of women in engineering — you just have to expand where you look for talent.”

That applies to other categories of diversity as well, of course. And Kellogg’s Engineering function has broadened its approach to recruiting, expanding its grassroots participation with several organizations in addition to SWE — including the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

While it’s too early to know what the results of those efforts will be, Maggie noted that the benefits are sometimes intangible. “Going to the career fairs of these kinds of organizations helps to build excitement about the idea of working for Kellogg,” she said. “We have someone dressed up as Tony the Tiger, and we show that we’re not a stuffy company and we’re a fun place to work. It’s great exposure for Kellogg.”