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Across the globe, BERGs expand their footprint and deepen their impact

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In 2021, Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) around the world made inroads into new territories while continuing to create meaningful impacts within the company.

Throughout the year and around the globe, the Women of Kellogg (WOK) BERG was busy expanding its reach. In the AMEA region, the BERG relaunched in November 2021 as WOK & Allies, or WOK+. As WOK+, the group remains dedicated to achieving gender equity and supporting women, while welcoming male allies as well. As part of the relaunch, BERG leaders held Inclusion Week, a collection of events and engagement activities, including a “Did you know?” learning series on inclusive policies, and held a sharing session with WOK leaders around the globe. During Inclusion Week, the Sales team also launched its WeForShe campaign, which seeks to recognize male leaders supporting women in sales. 

Meanwhile, Kellogg Australia & New Zealand became the first in the AMEA region to offer the Work + Family Hub, a new one-stop shop to help support employees balance work and life responsibilities, particularly caretaking duties at all life stages. WOK helped launch the Hub, which is offered in partnership with Parents at Work, a leading provider of work and family services for companies. Resources offered include checklists, podcasts and webinars, along with innovative programs like a virtual vacation resource for kids aged 5 to 12.

International Women’s Day (IWD), on March 8th, remained a focus for WOK chapters around the world in 2021. WOK teams around the globe rallied around the official theme for IWD, #ChooseToChallenge. The campaign, organized through Yammer, encouraged all Kellogg employees to call out gender bias and identify barriers to gender equality.

“I #ChooseToChallenge prejudices and gender inequality by being conscious that we live in an unfair society, breaking the pact in every sphere and embracing a healthier version of masculinity. But above all, I recognize and celebrate the rights and accomplishments of women.” – Hernán V, IT Data Office & Commercial Solutions Senior Manager.

AMEA WOK Partner BenefitsKLA ConferenceAMEA WOK We4She4

Regional WOK groups also celebrated IWD in their own ways. KLA’s chapter, for example, hosted a regional town hall on imposter syndrome – a common pattern among high-achieving women who doubt their abilities and success – that was attended by nearly 900 employees across the region. And in AMEA, WOK+ tied a regional town hall on the launch of the new ED&I strategy to IWD and created a video on the importance of gender parity.

In Latin America, WOK continued to expand its footprint through the launch of a Brazil chapter. Meanwhile in Mexico, WOK led Kellogg’s participation in the Women Economic Forum, anannual cross-industry event focused on female empowerment in the workplace , for the second year running.

In the European region, the Gender 50:50 BERG continued its partnership with LEAD Network at their annual conference in 2021. Kellogg leaders participated in panels on topics like male allyship and career conversations, and over 30 employees, many of whom are BERG members, attended the event. Over 350 employees signed up to become part of the LEAD Network and a team of Kellogg volunteers are also involved in the LEAD Education Committee, as well as local LEAD chapters.

KLA Pride Members
KLA Pride Virtual Parade

The K-Pride & Allies (KPA) BERG also had a busy year around the globe. In Latin America, the core KPA core team quadrupled in size in just one year and launched a new KPA chapter in the CARICAM region. Across the region, transgender visibility was a major theme throughout the year through speaker events podcasts organized by KLA. Transgender activists held talks on topics like trans visibility and trans youth to share their experiences and help educate KPA members and other Kellogg employees on transphobia and other challenges faced by the trans community.

KLA KPA also collaborated with local nonprofits focused on LGBTQ+ communities through food and clothing donations, and earned Kellogg Mexico a perfect score on its Human Rights Campaign Equidad MX certificate for LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Hamburg Pride

In Germany, KPA organized a Summer of Pride celebration that included a LGBTQ+ awareness workshop, the opening of a gender neutral bathroom in the Hamburg office and team participation in the Hamburg Pride Bike Ride. The activation won the Prout At Work Foundation Pride Day Contest in 2021, as well as a Pride Champion seal from the Uhlala Pride Audit and Certification program.

Also in Europe, the Multicultural BERG held over a dozen Building Cultural Competence training sessions to teach participants tools and practices to engage in cross-cultural collaboration and overcome any challenges. The trainings reached over 200 people across the European region, with an average participant rating of 4.5 out of 5.

KLA Week

Finally, the Young Professionals (YP) group in KLA continued to expand across the region. In 2021, YP relaunched in the CARICAM region and consolidated its program in Brazil to better facilitate feedback and resource sharing within each chapter. At the end of 2021, KLA KPA held a week-long series of events on a range of topics on maximizing a career with Kellogg, with nearly 200 participants each day. The BERG also developed an early career mentoring program that matched 50 mentor-mentee pairs.

The KLA region also welcomed the launch of a the Kapable BERG, which you can read about in our ED&I Champion story in Features’ Champions section.


BERGs Mission Statements


To positively impact the employee experience by equipping them to be thought leaders, thereby, creating a supportive environment for the Latino community and contributing to the advancement of Kellogg’s growth strategy.


To lead, support, and coach African American employees and Kellogg through cultural awareness and understanding activities and resources that promote retention, professional growth and career advancement, and hiring of African American employees.


To ensure Kellogg is a welcoming and inclusive environment for current or future employees and supporters of those who are disabled.


To promote cultural awareness, social support, networking and mentoring opportunities to create an inclusive work environment so that our people and Kellogg can grow together”.


We build a roadmap of opportunities around programming, representation, visibility and progress for LGBTQ+ people both internally and externally, providing a place for everyone to have a seat at the table.


Celebrate military service , recognize the benefits brought to Kellogg by those who serve and attract those with prior military service.


Through education, conversation and opportunity, we empower women and engage men to advocate for gender equity in the workplace – and in the world – in support of our individual success, collective advancement and business improvement.


Empowering all generations to take control of their careers and to revolutionize Kellogg.