Workplace Hero

Fernanda Z. Diversity Champion in Kellogg Latin America Region

photo of Fer Zavala

Her advocacy for inclusion boils down to a simple message: “We always talk about ‘love is love,’ and that’s good. But its more basic than that. It’s just about being yourself. Everyone has the right to feel that way. Everyone should have the same rights, opportunities and freedom,” said Fernanda, who works in the Global Business Services Center in Querétaro, Mexico.”

As the co-chair of K-Pride, Fernanda has focused on ally education and supporting deeper conversations about what it means to be an ally to the LBGTQ+ community, particularly in the Latin America region. Through monthly newsletters to BERG members, Fernanda and her colleagues have tackled topics like the use of so-called conversion therapies, the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity and what it really means to create a “safe space” for marginalized communities.

While the subject matter has not always been easy, the K-Pride team’s efforts have increased engagement among members.

“When we get this type of information to allies, they really start to get it.
And they become more involved,” Fernanda said.

The K-Pride team has also been working with It Gets Better Mexico, a non-profit LGBTQ+ advocacy group, and plans to launch a “How to Be an Ally” guide for BERG members.

Earlier this year the team also worked on a digital marketing video featuring gay and lesbian couples and other non-traditional families. It was the first video of its kind for the KLA region.

Fernanda’s commitment to creating a more inclusive environment at K-Pride and the Kellogg workplace has earned her a KLA W.K. Kellogg Values Award recognition for Inclusion in 2019.

While she says her work with K-Pride has been personally fulfilling, it has also made her feel more connected to the company. “It’s the part of my day or my week that makes me feel like I’m in the right place to grow and develop my career by being my true self and encouraging others to do so as well,” she said. “Inclusion is key to business success, because you can have the best plans, goals and strategies, but if you don’t have people that are free to be themselves, they are not going to shine and give Kellogg their best.”