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Kellogg’s supplier diversity program makes an impact around the globe


Kellogg North America's supplier diversity program has long been an essential component of the company's overall ED&I strategy, residing within the procurement team and providing both internal and external support and expertise.

"Supplier diversity programs help create a supply chain that is representative of our communities, consumers and investors," says Debra Q., Supplier Diversity Manager. "Supplier Diversity supports our Kellogg's® Better Days commitment and aligns with our founder's vision."

The program in North America focuses on diversity throughout the supplier life cycle, from discovering suppliers and connecting them with opportunities and resources, to guiding certification and navigating Kellogg requirements and our sourcing process, to the milestones of awarding business and developing supplier-led/ Tier II programming. Kellogg looks to growth opportunities for these partners, and support them full circle with succession and strategic planning.

Now, the goal is to bring these benefits to other regions where Kellogg operates.

In 2021, efforts were expanded to grow supplier diversity internationally, starting in the European region. In partnership with WEConnect International, a not-for-profit organization focused on economic empowerment for female business owners, we began to identify women-owned businesses as potential suppliers. Other activities include participating on the WEConnect Europe corporate advisory council and partnering with other council members to launch a working group focused specifically on the food and beverage industries.

Similar efforts to identify and partner with more women-owned suppliers are underway in the Latin American region, with future plans to support the AMEA supply chain as well.

Focus on women-owned businesses supports Kellogg’s commitment to the UN's Women's Empowerment Principles, which guide businesses on how to best support gender equity in workplaces, marketplaces, and communities worldwide

Support of diverse businesses drives positive impact far beyond business ownership. We generate positive impact through income at suppliers, at upstream providers and therefore, in the communities where employees work and live, furthering the benefits of economic activity.

"Supplier diversity programs help to create jobs in historically under-utilized or under-represented communities," said Debra. "They also bring a diversity of thought in bringing new products, flavors or packaging innovations to us, which is important to help Kellogg stay competitive in a changing marketplace." There’s also direct impact on shelf–consumer awareness of Kellogg’s supplier diversity efforts lift brand favorability and purchase decisions.

Ultimately, Debra says, supplier diversity initiatives not only support key business goals but can also impact the communities Kellogg reaches, whether in the U.S. or around the globe.

In conclusion, supplier diversity is a key element contributing to Kellogg ESG by creating economic growth and jobs, encouraging equity, diversity & inclusion in the supply chain, supporting sustainable business practices, and sharing the wonderful stories of our diverse suppliers with consumers around the globe.

“Since the inception of our partnership, Kellogg has provided a platform to enable us to enter new markets, removing significant barriers of entry, while promoting organic growth within our current Kellogg portfolio. Kellogg has had a direct impact on local economies but most importantly the communities pivotal in supporting and driving economic growth during this unprecedented time.”

Andy Khera

Andy Khera, owner of Charger Logistics Inc
dedicated to transport services in Brampton, Canada


“As a 100% women-owned business, with at least 90% women within our team, we are very focused on supporting women in business and in particular, working mothers. We are very much in favor of the supplier diversity initiatives that Kellogg’s and other advertisers have put in place to drive growth for minority-owned businesses. It’s time to get serious about creating and supporting a vibrant culture of female entrepreneurship in the UK and unleash this incredible resource for the good of women and society as a whole.”

Claire Randall

Claire Randall, owner of Consulting Limited,
a Global Production Consultancy in London, England.


“Kellogg offering opportunities to small businesses and especially women-owned business is admirable as it positively impacts communities. This is even more important in a country where women are still marginalized. It reminds me of the saying, “you empower a woman, you empower a nation." My favorite part about working with Kellogg is that I can apply my Occupational Health knowledge, which I am passionate about, not only supporting Kellogg but also making a difference to the employees’ wellness journeys.”

Petronella Melesi

Petronella Melesi, owner of Tsebolesedi Health Service
in Johannesburg, South Africa


“Conducting business with Kellogg has positively impacted our credibility and visibility within the industry in LATAM, as it is one of our largest and most iconic accounts. Working in partnership with a company that owns a strong diversity program enables independent agencies like Visual Latina to secure equal opportunities to bring new creative perspectives and ideas to the retail landscape, while having the endorsement and support of Kellogg.”

Guadalupe Cano

Guadalupe Cano, owner of Visual Latina LLC
in Santiago, Chile


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