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Kellogg Canada seeks to fulfill Race Equity Commitments with new ED&I initiatives

Kellogg Canada

While the protests set off by the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor may have started in the United States, the outpouring of grief and anger was also felt north of the border in Canada.

In the midst of the heightened discourse on racial equity, Kellogg Canada Inc. (KCI) sought to create an even more equitable, diverse and inclusive (ED&I) workplace by announcing local commitments, many of which were new while others were efforts long in place. KCI began a series of ED&I initiatives to fulfill those commitments and support Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and other marginalized communities in Canada.

“We knew we had a responsibility to society, our consumers, our employees and our country to do what we could to fight racism, discrimination and inequity,” said Tony Chow, President, Kellogg Canada. “So we committed to better understand the challenges facing the BIPOC community in Canada, learned how we could become better allies and created solutions together.”

Canada has its own complex history of racism and inequity, especially connected to the treatment of Indigenous peoples. KCI’s initiatives reflect those realities and seek to open up a space for a more honest conversation about racism. For one, the team launched an annual Day of Reflection to provide the resources and time necessary for employees coast to coast to better understand historical oppression in Canada and consider how they might be better allies.

The Canadian team is also establishing new partnerships with nonprofits, rolling out new training and seeking new employee volunteering opportunities. Kellogg Canada, along with the KNA procurement team, is also continuing its commitment to supplier diversity. KCI has committed to investing $1MM by 2025 to support Canadian communities disproportionately impacted by hunger and food insecurity.

This is just the beginning – the planning for additional ED&I initiatives is well underway.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint, and there is no doubt that it will take hard work and a long-term focus at every level of our company to create the progress we seek,” said Tony. “We will make meaningful change when we stay focused as an organization, hold ourselves and each other accountable with clear and measurable KPIs.